Our Process

Together We Grow

We aim to pioneer new ways of real estate investing through what we believe are cutting-edge strategies combined with performance-driven execution. Our investments focus on capital preservation, generation of current cash flow, and the implementation of value-creation strategies. This investment philosophy, in our opinion, is what makes our company successful. While we will always be ambitious, RMR Residential has both the discipline and the desire to be patient and wait for the right investment opportunities.

Investment Process


RMR Residential maintains strong relationships with owners, developers, and brokers to build our acquisition pipeline.

Sourcing investments off-market is one of the keys to our success. On average, RMR Residential purchases assets at a 10–15% discount to replacement cost.


RMR Residential Management Group is among some of the industry leaders with an average property occupancy of 94%.

90-day new lease growth and renewal growth is 14.33% and 13.93%, respectively.


Since 2014, RMR Residential has successfully exited 143 full-cycle investments for a gross value of $8.8 B and an average Realized gross IRR multiples of 29%/1.9x and completed 22 asset recapitalizations.