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RMR Residential is a part of The RMR Group (Nasdaq: RMR), a leading U.S. alternative asset management company, unique for its focus on commercial real estate (CRE) and related businesses. Learn more about RMR at

$ 20.9 B

Total Residential Transactions Sponsored

Investment Management

Our experienced team develops intuitive strategies to target different investment goals. Our Core/Core+ strategy targets longer-term holds with growth attributes, including moderate capital infusion and repositioning to allow for more appreciation. Our Value-Add strategy targets what we feel are well-located assets with rents below market to apply our repeatable value-add programs that seek to provide additional upside by growing revenue and NOI.

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$ 7.4 B

Total Residential Assets Under Management

Asset Management

Our Asset Management team focuses on maximizing the value of our properties. Our team develops personalized strategies for each rental property in hopes of increasing asset values through revenue maximization and expense rationalization, while maintaining and eye on macro and micro business conditions. Our team works with all parties to develop and adjust business plans over time in an effort to exceed expectations.

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Units Under Management

Property Management

Our national Property Management solution seeks to maximize investment returns by setting strategic plans for each investment. We help manage rental properties with personalized care for each individual client, offering leadership and oversight from our experienced teams in the field. With our ARIUM brand, we aim to reward our residents by showing our appreciation for them and adding value to their lives.

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