Multifamily Marketing in 2021

Breaking down the eight key areas of focus for leading multifamily marketers in 2021.


In 2019, we outlined the eight most critical areas of focus for multifamily marketers in 2020. Of course, at the time, we had no idea that all of those well-laid plans would be set aside because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like the rest of the industry, we shifted gears at the end of Q1 to better support our on-site teams’ ability to continue attracting residents and leasing in a socially distanced society. Virtual tours quickly became the new norm and the industry shifted toward retention strategies to help decrease rising delinquency. After the initial wave of the pandemic’s effect, marketers tentatively began to reevaluate 2020 plans and chart a path forward under a new light. Now, with 2020 coming to a close and COVID-19 still upending everyday life, we are optimistically looking forward to 2021 and a return to “normal.”