RMR Residential’s Multifamily Brand, ARIUM, Wins AMY Award for Best Event

RMR Residential’s marketing team emerges victorious at the 2023 AMY Awards, winning “Best Event” for its 2022 brand campaign for ARIUM

On March 29, the dynamic marketing team behind ARIUM’s 2022 brand campaign, Sounds of Summer, took home an AMY Award for Best Event. Issued by the Atlanta chapter of the American Marketing Association, this award was one of several presented to companies and individuals “that crafted innovative strategies, unforgettable campaigns, and produced outstanding results.”

In honor of the team’s win at the 2023 AMY Awards, Noah Echols, RMR Residential’s SVP of Marketing & Customer Experience, reflects on the ideation and execution behind the award-winning concept:

As most of you know, in 2022, RMR Residential’s marketing team hosted what was essentially a 12-week singing competition for all ARIUM residents across the country. What you may not have known is this brand campaign for RMR Residential’s multifamily brand was much bigger than just a singing competition.

The idea for Sounds of Summer emerged a little over a year ago. I stood in my kitchen and told my wife that I had this crazy idea where we could change some renters’ lives and catapult the ARIUM brand through an influencer campaign. She replied, “I don’t know what that means, but it sounds exciting.” So, I went into the office and told David Perez (RMR Residential’s President & COO) my plans, and he said, “go do it and let me know if you need help.” With David’s greenlight, I met with our marketing team to talk through the details, and at the end of that meeting they stared at me because I was asking an 8-person team to help pull off what many marketing agencies with more resources couldn’t. But together with the help of many, Sounds of Summer 2022 was a tremendous success.

• We hosted hundreds of events in 8 states during a 20-week campaign. 

• We gave away $17,000’s worth of prizes to residents, including $8,000 in free rent.

• We provided a platform for aspiring musicians who would have otherwise not had the opportunity. (By the way, Jason, the winner of Sounds of Summer 2022, is now touring the world!)

• We partnered with popular musicians who captured the attention of renters and pointed them to ARIUM.

• We reached 6 million potential renters across the country because we were doing something different, furthering our brand recognition.

Over the course of the campaign, we’ve received some media coverage. But at the 2023 AMY Awards, Sounds of Summer was recognized outside of the multifamily industry where we competed against some of the biggest brands in the country to take home an award for “Best Event.” That win is validation that we are doing something right and that is incredibly exciting and rewarding. My team and I really appreciate this recognition from our local chapter of the American Marketing Association as we continue to push boundaries in how we reach and serve renters.